Tooth Loss

What Dental Implants Do for Your Facial Appearance

There are many different benefits that come with dental implants, from more comfortable support to the preservation of your remaining healthy tooth structure. Among those benefits is the improved appearance of your smile. They not only replace lost teeth, but also address many of the subsequent consequences that could affect how your smile and surrounding facial features look. For instance, facial collapse, or the sunken facial appearance that often occurs following tooth loss, can affect your entire appearance even after having a custom dental bridge or denture placed.

What’s the Biggest Cause of Tooth Loss?

Dental implants have been immensely successful at replacing lost teeth since they were introduced to clinical dentistry over 60 years ago. However, the reason why they’re so popular is because tooth loss is still such a significant threat to many patients’ smiles. While there are many reasons behind permanent tooth loss, the most common one is severe gum disease. This may seem ironic given the fact that gum disease is highly preventable and treatable with proper dental care and maintenance.

Is There a Way to Prevent Losing Teeth?

These days, tooth loss isn’t as big of a deal as it was decades ago. With a variety of advanced tooth replacement options, such as lifelike dental implants, more patients than ever can regain the confidence and convenience of a full, healthy smile. Patients who haven’t experienced tooth loss yet can also significantly reduce their risks of it with the help of highly personalized dental care. By addressing the most common causes of tooth loss, you can more effectively prevent tooth loss and preserve your healthy, natural smile for life.

Denture Wearers: 3 Reasons To Choose Implant Support

Are you someone who relies on dentures to replace your missing teeth? If so, we think it might be time you consider changing things up by saying goodbye to the traditional support you provide you denture. Instead, consider the benefits of opting for an implant denture. This, of course, means that instead of your denture remaining in place with the help of your mouth’s suction, it will remain in your mouth when placed securely over implant posts. You just might feel compelled by our reasons to make the change!

Q&A: Do I Need Preventive Care After Tooth Loss?

Q&AskyWhen your mouth is full of only your natural teeth, you know that preventive care is extremely important. However, once you lose one, multiple, or all of your teeth, you may have a hard time determining the significance of keeping your preventive dentistry efforts going, particularly when it comes to caring for dental implants. The good news is that the outlook you should take is very easy to summarize: Prevention is still paramount to protecting your oral health! As for the details, let’s dig a bit deeper with a Q&A session.

How To Avoid Tooth Loss

womancoveringmouthbangsAre you interested in learning more about how to avoid tooth loss? While you always have the option to replace teeth that you lose, you likely understand that helping your natural teeth remain in place as long as possible is always the goal. Why? Well, it saves you time, effort, money, and it ensures your jaw health remains as healthy as possible. Starting to sound like protecting your smile is a bit easier than neglecting your teeth and defaulting to choosing dental implants? We thought so! Consider some helpful suggestions (and remember – implants offer an exceptional solution when tooth loss is unavoidable).

Q&A Session: Affording Implants

q&AfabricWhen you learn that you are a candidate for dental implants – and you love the idea of choosing implants to replace your missing teeth – you may find that you are still not quite ready to move forward with this treatment solution. In many instances, this is the result of feeling uncertain about whether you can afford implants out of pocket, how much they will cost, and whether you have options for making them a reality. Fortunately, we have answers to these very common questions (and are always happy to take your call for additional inquiries).

Dental Implant Candidacy: Questions And Answers

questionmarkblueHave you been allowing yourself to feel just a little bit excited about dental implants – rather than exhilarated – because you are unsure about your candidacy? Would you like to find out whether you qualify for implants but you have not yet been able to figure out on your own if this is the case? First, we always recommend that you contact us for a consultation as the most definitive way to arrive at the answer you seek. As for offering some immediate clarification regarding candidacy, make your way through some helpful questions and answers.

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