Quiz: The Implant Transition

Quiz: The Implant Transition

One day, you have a full mouth of natural teeth and then you end up facing tooth loss. Without your teeth, you know the new sensation of a smile that has natural teeth (and spaces where there simply are no teeth left). Then, you decide to be very responsible and fill those spaces, so you protect your oral health and get your smile back. However, you might run into one major concern: What will your smile feel like once you get your dental implants? Not to worry. Things will be just fine. Not quite ready to take our word for it? Try out a quick quiz for reassurance.

Have Implants? Think Through Our Flossing Tips.

You already know that you need to floss if you want to feel good about your dental hygiene and if you want it to provide you with the result of a healthy smile. You know, as well, that if you have dental implants, keeping your tissues healthy is so important! While you’ve got an idea on a general level that flossing is good, do you know much about the specifics or how to make sure you’re really keeping your implants safe? We do! Let us share some tips, so you’re very prepared.

How Implant Bridges Protect Your Smile

You might recognize that choosing an implant bridge is something that can benefit your smile because it will make it look whole again (and you’ll be able to rely on your smile for chewing and talking, etc., again). However, you may not have much insight into the additional benefits you can expect from choosing a bridge or one that is supported by implants. How might this be a very good selection for your smile? We’d be very happy to address some common highlights when it comes to how bridges protect you!

Dental Implant Feelings: Normal Or Not?

With the decision to replace a tooth with a dental implant and restoration come some new feelings. Some will be just fine. Some will seem a little strange. Most will go away very soon. However, some might mean something isn’t quite right. Sounding a little vague? As you know, this can be confusing territory, which is why we generally suggest you come in if you aren’t certain. As for some normal and not-so-normal, common sensations, allow us to get you up to speed.

Deciding On Implants: 2 Helpful Suggestions

We know that making that final decision for your smile can feel a little rough. When you’re just imagining yourself with dental implants, it’s easy to do. However, when you’re talking about actually saying yes and setting up the date for your implant placement, then it can begin to feel very real and technical! So, how to feel wonderful with whatever decision you make for your smile? Consider our suggestions as your guide toward discovering what you’d really like to do about addressing tooth loss.

Dental Implants: The Many Parts

If you start thinking about dental implants, you will find that they are multifaceted prosthetics. To begin with, there are multiple parts of a successful tooth replacement when you rely on an implant. Whether or not you qualify for said implants is something made up of many parts. The list goes on and on. To illuminate this detail and to ensure you feel educated on the topic, we would like to offer some knowledge that may positively contribute to your understanding of receiving implants.

How To Fit Implants Into Your Life

As you go back and forth, deciding whether dental implants will work for you or not, your schedule may be a key factor. You might find that you’re having a hard time figuring out if you’ve got the time to fit this extended journey into your daily life. Will you be able to make time for placement, follow-up visits, and more? Are you going to be able to make it work or is it best for you to consider another type of tooth replacement option? Is the initial planning stage going to require a quick discussion or is it more involved? Good news: We’ve got your answers ready to go, so you can more easily make choices for yourself.

Quiz: Talking To Friends About Implants

What’s that you say? You have a friend who has lost teeth and is thinking about choosing dental implants as the pathway toward a complete smile? If so, you might feel like you’ve got a lot of information and advice to give but you may not know the best way to make this happen. When you’re an implant wearer, sharing your story and experience in an organic way can most certainly offer some motivation to those around you. Still feeling like you haven’t quite gotten your footing yet? Sort it all out with the assistance of our implant quiz.

Smoking And Implants: 3 FAQs

If you were to ask any type of doctor whether it would be better for you to stop smoking, the answer would be yes. However, when you’re curious about particular reasons, such as why it’s best to stop smoking with dental implants, you are likely looking for details. We are happy to help you with your search. We encourage you to consider answers to a few very common questions about why it’s a very good idea to avoid cigarettes if you wish to wear implants.

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