Implant Protection: Let’s Talk Peri-Implantitis

Want to keep your dental implants in your smile without any types of complications? Hoping that you can maintain your implants for the rest of your life, since you know that this is absolutely possible? One of the factors you need to keep in mind is your gum health. Did you know that something called peri-implantitis can cause implants to fail? If you’re not yet familiar with this disease, then it’s time you got to know it and that you learn how to keep it from affecting your healthy smile.

It’s Gum Disease

Peri-implantitis is a type of gum disease. Your gingival tissue, which surrounds your dental implants, can become inflamed. You may also see other symptoms that frequently occur if you are dealing with gingivitis. You see, bacteria that are allowed to build up around implants will irritate gum tissue, which may become red, sore, swollen, and which may bleed. If you see this happening, call us immediately.

It Can Cause Implants To Fail

As you know about gum disease, it can become widespread, damaging your bone tissue and leading to tooth loss. The same is true of peri-implantitis. The inflamed soft tissue around implants can lead to bone damage as well as the loss of your implants.

It Doesn’t Have To Happen

Peri-implantitis does not have to happen to you and does not have to lead to dental implant failure. You can keep bacteria at bay with professional cleanings and with home dental care (brushing and flossing). You can also catch problems early by keeping up with checkups twice a year. As a result, implants remain safe!

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