Dental Implants: Medication Can Matter

If you are missing one or more teeth, you have probably thought about dental implants as a solution. Implant posts, placed in the jawbone, offer a secure attachment for a lifelike crown. If you are considering implants, the first step is a comprehensive consultation with an oral surgeon. At this appointment,  sophisticated dental technology can be used to view and photograph your teeth and jaw structure. Your overall health and medications you take regularly can also affect the recommendation for dental implant surgery.

Why We Ask About Medications

Prescription medications improve the quality of life in many ways, but not all medications are beneficial to implant success. A 2016 study from the University of Buffalo indicated some antidepressents may hinder implant success. A study from McGill University linked some heartburn medications with a higher risk of implant failure as well. On the other hand, the same McGill University study indicated that beta blockers, used to control high blood pressure, seemed to enhance the success of implant integration into the jawbone.

A Successful Result is Our Goal

A strong bond between implant post and and bone, through the process known as osseointegration, is essential for implant success. If you are a good candidate for implant success, we can outline and schedule the next steps that will occur. If you are not a good implant candidate, due to medication or to any other factors, we can offer other options to restore your smile.

Will Medication Affect Your Dental Implant Success?

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