Dental Implants: Medication Can Matter

Dental Implants: Medication Can Matter

If you are missing one or more teeth, you have probably thought about dental implants as a solution. Implant posts, placed in the jawbone, offer a secure attachment for a lifelike crown. If you are considering implants, the first step is a comprehensive consultation with an oral surgeon. At this appointment,  sophisticated dental technology can be used to view and photograph your teeth and jaw structure. Your overall health and medications you take regularly can also affect the recommendation for dental implant surgery.

Dinner Table: 3 Things To Watch For

Whether you’re sitting down to a holiday meal or you’re about to eat dinner during any other time of the year, we have some very serious advice. Did you know that biting down into something very hard can damage both your restoration and even cause problems with your dental implant? Fortunately, avoiding hard-to-detect foods like this becomes much easier when you have just a bit of an idea of what may be a secret risk. Keep a running list! We’re happy to get you started!

Implants: 3 Details You Tend To Forget

When you’re entering the world of dental implants for your smile, you may find that it’s hard to remember some things. If you’re already educated on the topic of other prosthetics, you may continue to assume some details about implants that don’t apply. How to keep the extraordinary benefits in mind, so you can choose implants for yourself and feel very good about your choices? We think a few details that are commonly forgotten will help you stay on track.

Implant Protection: Let’s Talk Peri-Implantitis

Want to keep your dental implants in your smile without any types of complications? Hoping that you can maintain your implants for the rest of your life, since you know that this is absolutely possible? One of the factors you need to keep in mind is your gum health. Did you know that something called peri-implantitis can cause implants to fail? If you’re not yet familiar with this disease, then it’s time you got to know it and that you learn how to keep it from affecting your healthy smile.

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