How Implant Bridges Protect Your Smile

You might recognize that choosing an implant bridge is something that can benefit your smile because it will make it look whole again (and you’ll be able to rely on your smile for chewing and talking, etc., again). However, you may not have much insight into the additional benefits you can expect from choosing a bridge or one that is supported by implants. How might this be a very good selection for your smile? We’d be very happy to address some common highlights when it comes to how bridges protect you!

They Protect Remaining Teeth

You’ve got teeth that are still standing in your smile. When you choose a traditional bridge, two of those teeth are going to be utilized to support your bridge. This can lead to some damage, which is not something you want! When you choose an implant bridge, the bridge stands with the support of implants. It will not require any support or affect your remaining natural teeth.

They Prevent Teeth Shifting

Once you have a bridge in place, you won’t have to worry that your teeth that are still standing are going to go anywhere. Without the dental bridge, they are prone to slowly moving in the direction of the area where your missing teeth once stood. When you place a prosthetic like a bridge, it stops this movement, which protects your alignment.

They Stop Bite Imbalance

You may have noticed since you lost your teeth that your top and bottom teeth don’t fit together the same way. Good news: With an implant bridge, we will accurately restore your bite, so the balance is back (which can help you enjoy comfortable chewing and speaking and can prevent bruxism and jaw strain).

Protect Your Smile By Replacing Teeth With A Bridge

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