Dental Implants: The Many Parts

If you start thinking about dental implants, you will find that they are multifaceted prosthetics. To begin with, there are multiple parts of a successful tooth replacement when you rely on an implant. Whether or not you qualify for said implants is something made up of many parts. The list goes on and on. To illuminate this detail and to ensure you feel educated on the topic, we would like to offer some knowledge that may positively contribute to your understanding of receiving implants.

The Three Parts Of Implants

First, let’s talk about your dental implant and all that it supports. If you’re up on the terminology, you know that just the implant is a post. It’s a single component. During placement, it’s implanted into your jaw tissue, replacing roots. For the complete replacement of your tooth, the post will support an abutment (part two) and a dental crown (part three). This is a three-part replacement!

Important Parts Of Your Candidacy

Candidacy varies from person to person. There are many parts to consider. Today, let’s cover the main details:

  • Your oral health! You need a smile that is in good enough health to receive implants.
  • Your overall health: Ready for surgery? It’s a must for candidacy.
  • Your jaw health: If your jaw isn’t up to snuff, you may require grafting first.
  • Your habits: If you’re a smoker, you may need to stop for a while for successful placement.

Different Parts Of Your Journey

Your journey will be one full of many different parts! The main components, of course, will include:

  • A dental implant consultation
  • Placement
  • Recovery
  • Restoring your implants
  • Follow-up visits

See Us If You Are Ready For Implants

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