Denture Wearers: 3 Reasons To Choose Implant Support

Denture Wearers: 3 Reasons To Choose Implant Support

Are you someone who relies on dentures to replace your missing teeth? If so, we think it might be time you consider changing things up by saying goodbye to the traditional support you provide you denture. Instead, consider the benefits of opting for an implant denture. This, of course, means that instead of your denture remaining in place with the help of your mouth’s suction, it will remain in your mouth when placed securely over implant posts. You just might feel compelled by our reasons to make the change!

Discomfort And Dental Implants: A Quiz

When you’re experiencing dental discomfort associated with your dental implants, it’s possible that something is very wrong or that you’re just experiencing a minor form of irritation. The bottom line, however, is that when pain occurs in your mouth, it is never a “normal” sensation. With that said, we would like to cover some specifics in regard to implants and how your smile should be feeling, so you know when it is time to call us up for a visit.

Q&A: Why Go For Implant Dentures?

You might be spending some time deciding between traditional full dentures and implant dentures. We understand your current challenge. On one hand, you don’t need to worry about surgery or a long recovery period with traditionally supported dentures. On the other, you keep hearing about exceptional benefits of choosing the implant-retained prosthetic but you might worry these are primarily rumors that will not turn out to be true. Fortunately, the stuff you’re hearing is likely accurate. Take a second to work your way through a Q&A session to see for yourself!

3 Times Implants Come In Handy

You might assume that the only reason we offer dental implants is for tooth loss associated with serious oral health conditions, such as decay, periodontal disease, or infection. While it’s absolutely true that we do provide implants for missing teeth associated with such problems, this is not the only reason they’re available to you. Dispelling this myth is often helpful for patients who figure they aren’t going to make a good candidate for implants when, in fact, they absolutely qualify! Consider a few times these tooth replacements most certainly come in handy.

Implants: Quizzing Your Current Education Level!

Are you a master of knowledge when it comes to implants? Or, would you say that you think your understanding of dental implants might be lacking just a little bit? Whatever the case, remember that you are always welcome to come in to our practice to learn more and to discuss candidacy! At the moment, if you’d like to gauge your current level of understanding in regard to these long-lasting tooth replacements, then you might want to give our quiz a go!

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