I Want Implants But Am I Too Old?

I Want Implants But Am I Too Old?

Even if we tried, we probably wouldn’t be able to count the times we have been asked the following question: Am I too old for dental implants? We understand that thanks to advertising, our tendency to make assumptions, and the false (yet very common) belief that aging destroys your smile, well … it’s no wonder you think you might be too old for this tooth replacement option. However, the answer in short is nope, you have not aged out of the candidate pool. However, there are some additional details, of course, that will better help you understand why your candidacy is not in question simply as the result of how many birthdays you have enjoyed! Learn more.

3 Places You Shouldn’t Go For Implant Info

Has the moment arrived? Are you feeling ready as ever to learn more about dental implants, what they really do for you, and whether you may qualify to select them for yourself? When you’re just scratching the surface on a new topic like this, it’s common to seek out information from sources that seem the most accessible. However, when the topic is implants, we strongly encourage you to avoid a few not-so-reliable resources and, instead, to come directly to us for all of the information you could ever ask for. Not sure why? We can explain.

Making Sure You Understand Your Options

As dental professionals, we’ve got all of the information regarding dental implants and your options safely stored in our minds. As a result, it’s our job to provide you with all of the details you need when you’re doing your best to make a choice as you address tooth loss. When we’re helping you choose the type of implant solution that will work best for you, we encourage you to begin by considering all that is available for your smile (and to ask questions along the way).

Dental Implants: Test Your Knowledge!

There’s a really good feeling that you will get when you realize you can replace every part of your missing tooth by selecting a dental implant. Then, when you realize you have multiple options beyond replacing just one tooth, that exceptional sensation becomes even better! Have you had the chance to become familiar with your many choices or are you just starting to get to know what implants are all about? Find out more with our helpful quiz.

3 Reasons To Choose An Implant-Supported Bridge

As you take your time learning about the different suitable tooth replacement options available to your smile, you will notice implants will provide you with one particular type of choice. What you’ll get with implants is the ability to replace not just the part of your tooth that others can see and that aids in chewing but also your roots! However, single implants might not work for your plans, preferences, or budget. What might work, though, is an implant-supported dental bridge. Find out why!

Ready to fall in love with your smile, but not sure where to start? Send us a photo or a question of your smile, and Dr. Lathrop will respond!