3 Things About National Facial Protection Month

3 Things About National Facial Protection Month

Did you know that we’re celebrating National Facial Protection Month during April? In fact, it’s something that happens every year. Whether you’re someone who is in need of dental implants to address facial injury, someone who has already experienced it, or someone who hasn’t ever given it a second of thought, it’s time to learn! Get ready to take in some important details that can help you keep your smile safeguarded for life.

Why Tongue Rings And Implants Don’t Mix

You might think to yourself that your dental implants and restorations are practically immune to anything (even an accidental tap with a tongue ring)! After all, they’re not made of natural tissue, so is there really anything to worry about? As a matter of fact, there is. We strongly encourage you to remember that the artificial tissue replacing your missing tooth receives its supportive framework from living tissues, both soft and hard. As a result, inflammation, infection, injury, and other issues can cause severe side effects.

I Want Implants But I Have Sedation Questions

It’s a wonderful feeling when you realize you’re ready to move forward with dental implants. Dealing with tooth loss can have a significant (generally negative) impact on your daily quality of life. So, of course, completing your smile is of the utmost importance. However, when you’re set on implants but you have some questions about the process, such as receiving sedation, you might find you end up with cold feet. Allow us to answer important questions, so you can get your motivation level right back up where you need it.

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