Implant Planning: How We Do It

Implant Planning: How We Do It

Making the decision to bring dental implants into your life to repair your smile after tooth loss is something that is often met with a lot of happiness. It’s also something that requires patients to consider a variety of details as the process is a multi-faceted one. When you’re starting to wonder about how we plan this treatment for you that can potentially last a lifetime, figuring out the specifics may remain a mystery. We are happy to let you in on the behind-the-scenes stuff and encourage you to ask questions. You’ll find that the planning process is very easy to follow.

Implants And Terms You Don’t Know

As you make your entrance into the world of dental implants, you will find that you’re immediately blasted with a surprising amount of new terms. Some of them will be easy to figure out, some will cause you a bit of confusion, and others will be nearly impossible to sort out without a dictionary and an explanation from our dental team. To help you get up to speed, so you’re better prepared to make a decision about your missing teeth, we offer up some common terms to know.

Q&A: Does Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

When you decide that implants sound like a nice idea, you may immediately wonder if dental insurance covers the cost of dental implants. Unfortunately, they are often considered an “elective” treatment because you have other less expensive options at your disposal (such as bridges or dentures). Due to the longevity, success, and stability of implants, however, they might be something you would prefer. To help you learn more about how insurance may come into play and how to find out more, we present you with some questions and answers.

2 Things You Didn’t Realize About Implants

How much have you really gotten to know about dental implants? If your answer is, “Not very much,” then it is entirely possible you’re overlooking some very important information! Of course, making that final choice to move forward with implants to replace the missing teeth in your smile can feel like a monumental leap. However, if you don’t even give yourself the chance to consider this treatment for yourself because you’ve made a couple (inaccurate) assumptions, you may sabotage your ability to achieve the final outcome you’ve been seeking. Let us fill you in on a couple very significant factors you might not have realized yet.

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