3 Reasons You’re Scared Of Implants (But Shouldn’t Be)

3 Reasons You’re Scared Of Implants (But Shouldn’t Be)

Are you someone who feels the need to rationalize just about every decision? If so, you may initially love everything you learn about dental implants. Then, however, your plans for moving forward with implants may quickly tank when you start talking yourself out of them through the help of some “logical” thinking. You may even find yourself feeling a bit afraid of aspects of this treatment that are actually good for you! No worries. We can help you overcome that hesitation, so you can protect your smile.

Dental Implants: Success Versus Failure Quiz

When you begin running through the possibilities in your mind regarding whether you’ll be able to protect your dental implants, you may begin to feel a bit like a fish out of water. We tell you that implants are quite stable and strong but you know that (like anything else) there’s always some potential for damage. Does this mean failure is likely, you wonder? Or is it quite slim? To answer your questions (and help you recognize that you may know more than you realize), we invite you to start with our quick quiz.

Implants: Do I Need To Floss Them?

Imagine you decide you are ready to receive dental implants to replace the teeth missing in your smile. Now, imagine you’re dealing with your day-to-day routine, which includes twice-daily dental hygiene. Do you think that the routine looks the same? Or, are you assuming it will be quite different? The truth is, the experience is going to remain mostly the same as it’s always been. As a result, when you ask, “Do I need to floss?” the answer is a solid, “yes!” To help you more thoroughly understand why this is essential and how to make it easy, we break down the details.

Implants: 3 Things That May Slow The Process

If you decide you’re extremely excited and completely ready for dental implants, we encourage you to remember that it’s a bit of a process. While a streamlined experience that gets you to the finish line efficiently is absolutely possible, we also suggest you remember there are multiple factors involved in replacing teeth with this method. The journey is 100 percent worth the effort. However, it’s a more enjoyable experience when you keep in mind that the finished product (which can last forever and ever) provides exceptional benefits that are worthwhile. Learn more about some potential bumps in the road and feeling flexible will be much easier.

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