Quiz: Caring For Your Implants

Quiz: Caring For Your Implants

quizquestionworldWhen you’re trying to figure out what life will be like with dental implants, you might have some mixed feelings. First, you may feel overjoyed at the thought of being able to eat again without worrying, speak again without embarrassment, and to simply go about your day as you once did. However, you might feel equal concern regarding whether or not caring for your smile is going to become a new adventure (and possibly a challenging one). Good news: Maintenance is simple! Let’s get you up to speed on the details with a quiz.

Know Your Restorations: A Quiz

quizchalkAre you someone who has become very familiar with the types of restorations we offer for dental implants? If so, you’ve likely been doing quite a lot of research regarding your different options for replacing one or multiple missing teeth. The wonderful news is that when you find out you have many choices, you realize that choosing implants is a versatile decision, working for a wide array of preferences, budgets, tooth loss configurations, and more. Let’s see how well you really know your restorations at this point with a quiz.

Q&A: Adjusting To Implants

qabuttonredWe are often faced with questions about dental implants from our patients that focus on what it’s like to adjust to implants. A common concern is that the implants will certainly look like real teeth but will they feel like real teeth, patients wonder? We understand that your goal is to recreate your natural smile as closely as possible, while improving your daily quality of life. Of course, feeling like you cannot articulate your words clearly is something that would negatively impact your daily life! Fortunately, it’s not something you need to worry about. Gather some details you’re curious about with our Q&A session.

Implants: Why We Encourage Questions

questionmarkswhiteAre you someone who is just becoming familiar with dental implants? If so, you have likely already discovered that there’s a lot to learn. As a result, the process of getting to know about the treatment, the journey, how implants will work for your smile, and more, will require you to let us know you have questions. Fortunately, we will always be receptive to the questions you ask us. We encourage it! Wondering why this is such an essential part of tooth replacement? Take a moment to learn more.

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