Quiz: A Second Chance For Implant Candidacy

Quiz: A Second Chance For Implant Candidacy

dentalimplantpiecebypieceAre you feeling deeply dissatisfied because you have been informed in the past that you are not a candidate for dental implants? Do you find that a substantial amount of your frustration can be attributed to the fact that you were quickly dismissed (though you know friends and family members who received implants even when they seemed poorly suited to this tooth loss solution)? The good news is that there are many avenues toward becoming a candidate for replacing teeth with implants. As far as finding out if that journey is something that will work for you, we encourage you to take our quiz!

Q&A: Treating Bruxism Before Implants

qabulletinIf you keep up with our dental blog, you know that we recently discussed the way bruxism disorder can interfere with osseointegration (or the fusing of your dental implant with your jaw tissue). The good news is that it’s quite easy to begin treating bruxism before you begin the process of receiving implants. As for your questions about why you should do this, what to expect, and how to continue treating your disorder once implants are in place, we have some answers for you.

3 Reasons Implants Fail

3magentaWe are often surprised to learn that patients are most concerned with whether dental implants will fail and sometimes less worried about the procedure or the entire journey itself. First, we would like to offer you some simple reassurance with the fact that implants generally succeed approximately 98 percent of the time. Pretty impressive! In addition, you can avoid failure by becoming familiar with common reasons it occurs.

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