Q&A: Protecting Your Jaw Health With Implants

Q&A: Protecting Your Jaw Health With Implants

q&arainbowWhen you lose teeth, you may not recognize that there are some additional side effects that come with tooth loss. Unfortunately, these issues reach beyond the esthetic problem with having open spaces in your mouth and actually affect the structure and health of your entire oral framework. The good news is that dental implants can protect your jaw and your oral health. However, you might not be very familiar with this aspect of implants yet. Allow us to fill you in.

Implant Dentures: An Introduction

implantdentureAre you making your way through the surprisingly rich and vast world of dental implants? If so, you have likely stumbled across the fact that you have multiple options if you are missing a full arch of teeth. While you can certainly choose single implants to replace each tooth individually, you may also take a different approach. How much do you know about implant dentures? Is this a foreign term to you that you can’t make heads or tails of? In short, this is a way to replace a full arch of teeth by combining the benefits of implants and full dentures. As for the details, allow us to elaborate.

3 Ways Implants Improve Daily Life

3balloonredHave you dedicated any time to thinking about how dental implants impact your daily quality of life? It’s entirely possible that you glazed over this information while you were becoming as informed as possible regarding the details of the implants, the process, and the healing time. When it comes to making the decision to choose implants to replace your teeth, feeling knowledgeable about both the technical details and the benefits is quite important. Consider some ways your choice can improve your daily experience.

How to Take Care of Dental Implants

how to take care of dental implantsYou’ve lost one or more teeth, and after thoroughly researching your options for replacing them, you’ve decided that dental implants are the best solution. Once you’ve received them, however, how do you care for them properly to ensure that your dental implants last a lifetime? To help you make the most of your new smile, we explain how to care for your dental implant restoration to significantly increase its longevity.

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