Q&A Session: Affording Implants

Q&A Session: Affording Implants

q&AfabricWhen you learn that you are a candidate for dental implants – and you love the idea of choosing implants to replace your missing teeth – you may find that you are still not quite ready to move forward with this treatment solution. In many instances, this is the result of feeling uncertain about whether you can afford implants out of pocket, how much they will cost, and whether you have options for making them a reality. Fortunately, we have answers to these very common questions (and are always happy to take your call for additional inquiries).

Dental Implant Candidacy: Questions And Answers

questionmarkblueHave you been allowing yourself to feel just a little bit excited about dental implants – rather than exhilarated – because you are unsure about your candidacy? Would you like to find out whether you qualify for implants but you have not yet been able to figure out on your own if this is the case? First, we always recommend that you contact us for a consultation as the most definitive way to arrive at the answer you seek. As for offering some immediate clarification regarding candidacy, make your way through some helpful questions and answers.

FAQs: Cleaning Your Implants

FAQsHow much do you know about cleaning your dental implants? Have you been wondering about what the method will be like – or if you even need to maintain implants? Maybe you are more interested in the potential benefits to keeping your smile clean. Whatever the case, keep in mind that these are good questions to ask during a visit. For now, we offer some information in advance with the help of a friendly Q&A session.

Quiz: Do I Need A Dental Implant?

womanwonderingheadbandDid you recently lose a tooth or are you planning to receive a dental extraction? If so, you may or may not require a tooth replacement. While you have several options for replacing missing teeth, you may already know that an implant is the only available choice that replaces not only the visible part of a missing tooth but also its roots. However, it’s important that you first determine whether or not you even need to replace a tooth before choosing a dental implant. Find out more!

Dental Implants: From Root To Crown

dentalimplantandtoothWhen you visualize replacing your tooth with a dental implant, do you imagine that this prosthetic is going to restore your entire tooth? Or, are you aware that an implant is solely the foundation upon which the rest of the tooth replacement is built? If this information is somewhat new to you, we encourage you to become more familiar with implants, what they do, and how they offer support for a full tooth replacement. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple information!

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