Want a Complete Smile? Consider Implant-Supported Bridges!

Want a Complete Smile? Consider Implant-Supported Bridges!

Implant-Supported Dentures for Your SmileDid you recently lose a tooth or a few of them due to gum disease or another dental issue? Do you have an extraction scheduled soon? If so, you may be worried about how your smile will look and function after the loss of a tooth, much less several. Having an incomplete smile can make it difficult to enjoy mealtimes, or even time chatting with friends. Fortunately, modern prosthetic dentistry provides a number of ways to address tooth loss, and to complete the smile, both cosmetically and functionally. Dental bridges supported by dental implants are one great option, especially if you need to address the loss of several teeth.

Can You Smile Confidently Again with a Dental Implant?

Smile Confidently Again with a Dental ImplantDo you remember the joy you felt the first time you lost a tooth? Whether you were excited about the Tooth Fairy’s visit, or just the rite of passage, losing a tooth as a child can elicit excitement and joy. Unfortunately, dealing with tooth loss as an adult, is an entirely different experience, one that can leave you feeling unsure if you will ever get back to life as usual, much less able to enjoy your meals without discomfort. Fortunately, dental implants are considered one of the most effective forms of restoration after tooth loss., since they can be used to both cosmetically complete the smile, and to restore its function.

Is a Dental Implant Right for You?

Is a Dental Implant Right for You?Did you recently lose a tooth, due to gum disease, infection or another dental issue? If so, your first reaction may have been shock, frustration, or even embarrassment. But after those initial emotions subside, you are left with a big decision to make, namely how to best go about completing your smile. Most dental patients are looking for two things when exploring prosthetic options, first and foremost a functional solution for tooth loss, one that will allow them to enjoy meals once again and to maintain proper nutrition over the years. But secondly, and in many ways just as importantly, people want a prosthetic tooth replacement that will instill confidence. After all, few physical features have a bigger impact on your self-esteem than your smile!

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