I Want Implants But Am I Too Old?

Even if we tried, we probably wouldn’t be able to count the times we have been asked the following question: Am I too old for dental implants? We understand that thanks to advertising, our tendency to make assumptions, and the false (yet very common) belief that aging destroys your smile, well … it’s no wonder you think you might be too old for this tooth replacement option. However, the answer in short is nope, you have not aged out of the candidate pool. However, there are some additional details, of course, that will better help you understand why your candidacy is not in question simply as the result of how many birthdays you have enjoyed! Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is there an upper age limit for people who are interested in receiving dental implants? I want them but I’m worried I’m too old.

Answer: There’s no upper limit. Your age has nothing to do with whether or not you may receive and wear implants. It is strictly related to your oral health and overall health.

Question: Is it possible that perhaps I’m not too old but that because of my oral health problems, it’s just too late to consider dental implants as an option?

Answer: It’s possible but not probable. In most instances, we are equipped to handle any oral damage or disease. After restoring your smile health and assisting in addressing jaw damage, we may set you back on track toward candidacy for implants.

Question: How can I find out once and for all whether I can rely on dental implants or if I’m going to have to select a different type of dental prosthetics for my tooth loss?

Answer: You can come in to see us. Call us up, schedule an implant consultation, and come have a chat with us.

Find Out More Regarding Your Implant Candidacy

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