3 Reasons To Choose An Implant-Supported Bridge

As you take your time learning about the different suitable tooth replacement options available to your smile, you will notice implants will provide you with one particular type of choice. What you’ll get with implants is the ability to replace not just the part of your tooth that others can see and that aids in chewing but also your roots! However, single implants might not work for your plans, preferences, or budget. What might work, though, is an implant-supported dental bridge. Find out why!

#1: It’s Better On The Budget

If you’re interested in single dental implants but you know the implant-and-crown per missing tooth decision is just not going to work for your budget, you may feel somewhat defeated. Good news: You can still achieve the major benefits of implants by choosing an implant-supported dental bridge. It does not require an implant per open space but will replace all of your missing teeth (if they’re side-by-side and only include up to three teeth). It’s much more affordable.

#2: It’s More Stable Than A Traditional Bridge

If you’re thinking about getting a traditional bridge, you know that it’s quite stable. However, nothing is ever so stable as teeth or teeth replacements that are anchored into your jawbone. As a result, choosing the implant-supported bridge will offer you the exceptional stability you’re seeking.

#3: They Offer All The Benefits You’re Seeking

You’ll get everything back from your smile that you’ve been missing since your tooth loss first began. Your implant-supported bridge will allow you to smile freely and happily once again. You’ll eat comfortably and successfully. Your diet will become more diverse (if you wish). Speaking won’t result in any embarrassment or challenges. See?

Consider An Implant-Supported Bridge For Your Tooth Loss

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