Implants: 3 Things That May Slow The Process

If you decide you’re extremely excited and completely ready for dental implants, we encourage you to remember that it’s a bit of a process. While a streamlined experience that gets you to the finish line efficiently is absolutely possible, we also suggest you remember there are multiple factors involved in replacing teeth with this method. The journey is 100 percent worth the effort. However, it’s a more enjoyable experience when you keep in mind that the finished product (which can last forever and ever) provides exceptional benefits that are worthwhile. Learn more about some potential bumps in the road and feeling flexible will be much easier.

You Need Bone Grafting

You might feel over the moon exhilarated about dental implants. However, your happiness won’t heal problems with a damaged or deteriorated jawbone. If it turns out that your jaw is not healthy, full, or strong enough for implants (but that we can help you improve your jaw tissue), you will find that bone grafting may first be required. The good news is that just because your jaw isn’t ready doesn’t mean you’re disqualified. It’s just all part of the magical adventure toward replacing your teeth with long-wearing implants.

Your Schedule Is Complicated

Patients often overlook the fact that receiving dental implants is drastically different when compared with all other tooth replacement options in a very particular way: It requires oral surgery! If you have a complicated or packed daily schedule, you may find that scheduling time for surgery (and recovery) requires some fancy footwork. Fortunately, once you get it all sorted out, we can set up your care plan and you’ll be on the road toward a complete smile.


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