What Type Of Implant Wearer Are You?

Are you the type of individual who will feel most excited about receiving single dental implants to replace each one of your missing teeth (even if that means replacing a full arch with this method)? Or, are you the type of patient who prefers to rely on a few implants in support of a larger prosthetic to replace multiple missing teeth? If you have begun your journey toward receiving implants but this is a question you have not yet considered, we suggest you think through some options as they relate to your preferences. It will help tremendously!

If You Want The Closest Replication Of Your Natural Teeth

You might be a patient who prefers to receive single dental implants (which we will restore with a beautiful dental crown per implant) if you are interested in most closely matching your natural teeth. While we cannot replicate your natural tissues, we can get surprisingly close! An implant is made of biocompatible material that your body will accept and that will fuse with your jawbone, where it stands in place of your tooth roots. Then, a crown made of lifelike material and custom crafted will replace your missing tooth’s crown, so you receive a full replacement (from root to crown).

If You Want Stability But You’re Not Worried About The Details

Perhaps you aren’t quite as worried about mimicking your original teeth. You’re more focused on replacing your multiple missing teeth with a solution that is stable. In addition, the idea of finding an even more efficient, convenient way to replace multiple teeth at once (without moving away from implants) sounds good. If so, you may be someone who prefers an implant-retained larger prosthetic like a bridge or a denture. You get the stability of implants without needing to place one in every single open socket.


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