Q&A: Treating Bruxism Before Implants

qabulletinIf you keep up with our dental blog, you know that we recently discussed the way bruxism disorder can interfere with osseointegration (or the fusing of your dental implant with your jaw tissue). The good news is that it’s quite easy to begin treating bruxism before you begin the process of receiving implants. As for your questions about why you should do this, what to expect, and how to continue treating your disorder once implants are in place, we have some answers for you.

Questions and Answers: Bruxism and Implants

Question: Why is it important that I do something about my bruxism disorder before I begin receiving dental implants?

Answer: The success of your implant placement as well as the life of your implant once osseointegration is complete relies on your ability (in part) to protect your oral health. If you are placing undue pressure on your tooth during or after placement, it may lead to implant failure. Keep in mind, too much pressure from grinding and clenching can even lead to the loss of a natural tooth. It is a destructive force for your smile.

Question: What do I do about this problem? How do I proceed?

Answer: If you are suffering from bruxism disorder, we will suggest you receive bruxism treatment. The good news is that this is extremely simple to accomplish in most instances. You will go through oral appliance therapy, which just means you will wear a mouthguard (typically while you sleep). It acts as a cushion, so contact between top and bottom teeth cannot take place.

Question: Does treatment cure me? What about placing dental implants?

Answer: It won’t necessarily cure you but it will ease the severity of the problem and protect you from damage. Fortunately, you will simply continue treatment once you have implants to prevent pressure against your tooth replacement.


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