How To Avoid Tooth Loss

womancoveringmouthbangsAre you interested in learning more about how to avoid tooth loss? While you always have the option to replace teeth that you lose, you likely understand that helping your natural teeth remain in place as long as possible is always the goal. Why? Well, it saves you time, effort, money, and it ensures your jaw health remains as healthy as possible. Starting to sound like protecting your smile is a bit easier than neglecting your teeth and defaulting to choosing dental implants? We thought so! Consider some helpful suggestions (and remember – implants offer an exceptional solution when tooth loss is unavoidable).

Good Dental Hygiene

If you’re not caring for your smile very well, tooth loss is a potential result on the horizon. Though it may not happen immediately, it’s something that looms in the future when you neglect your dental hygiene. To skip the need to address tooth loss and invest in dental implants, we suggest that you remember that avoiding decay and all the potential complications that come with it is as easy as following our recommendations for your care at home.

Consistent General Dentist Visits

As important as it is to brush and floss at home, it is equally important to see us for your general dental visits. These only occur twice a year but provide significant preventive protection against gingivitis and decay. Remember that gingivitis can blossom into periodontal disease, which is highly destructive and known to cause tooth loss.

Immediate Restorative Care

Before you get to the point of requiring dental implants, you may find that you are being instructed to receive restorative care for issues milder than tooth loss (issues that are treatable with restorations like fillings, crowns, and root canal therapy). Take suggestions seriously and schedule your care to avoid losing a tooth.


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