Dental Implants: From Root To Crown

dentalimplantandtoothWhen you visualize replacing your tooth with a dental implant, do you imagine that this prosthetic is going to restore your entire tooth? Or, are you aware that an implant is solely the foundation upon which the rest of the tooth replacement is built? If this information is somewhat new to you, we encourage you to become more familiar with implants, what they do, and how they offer support for a full tooth replacement. Don’t worry, it’s quite simple information!

The Implant’s Job

Your dental implant is a titanium post. It does not replace your entire tooth – instead, it contributes to the replacement of a full tooth. Here’s how: Your implant will replace just the roots of your tooth. No other prosthetic option may do this; other choices, such as a bridge or partial only replace the part of your tooth that you can see.

Fortunately, the post will bond with the surrounding jaw tissue, creating an extremely stable anchor for the remainder of your tooth that will sit above your gumline (we call this the “crown” of your tooth).

Restoring Your Implant

Once the dental implant is in place and has fused with the jaw tissue (a process known as “osseointegration”), it will be time to restore the implant. The term “restore” refers to placing an artificial tooth or device on top of it. A single implant warrants a crown, while multiple missing teeth may require an implant-retained denture or implant-retained bridge. We will connect your tooth replacement of choice onto the implant with the use of an accessory known as an abutment. And that is how implants help to replace your teeth.


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