What Type Of Implant Wearer Are You?

What Type Of Implant Wearer Are You?

Are you the type of individual who will feel most excited about receiving single dental implants to replace each one of your missing teeth (even if that means replacing a full arch with this method)? Or, are you the type of patient who prefers to rely on a few implants in support of a larger prosthetic to replace multiple missing teeth? If you have begun your journey toward receiving implants but this is a question you have not yet considered, we suggest you think through some options as they relate to your preferences. It will help tremendously!

Is It Time For Implants Yet?

womanwonderingbrunetteWhen you are unsure about whether or not it’s time to move forward with dental implants, this obstacle can occur for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, you may be waiting on some overpowering instinct to kick in when, in fact, asking yourself some pointed questions is what you really need in order to find the answer. To help you along as you make decisions for replacing missing teeth, we have some helpful questions for you to consider, so you have a clearer vision of your current readiness!

Q&A Dental Implants: Your Many Options

qabulletinIf you thought choosing implants was going to include a limited selection of solutions for your smile, think again! When you start getting down to the details associated with dental implants, you will notice you have a lot of choices. As a result, a lot of questions are often likely to follow. Don’t worry, this is a natural result of doing your research, and we are always very happy to provide you with answers and additional information. For right now, let’s begin with some common inquiries and the simple answers you need.

Dental Implants: 3 Impulses And Better Choices

3platebrickPatients whose smiles include dental implants to replace missing teeth often find themselves faced with certain impulses. When you have your natural teeth, you spend years learning the things that are good for your smile and then those things that are not so beneficial. However, once implants and restorations show up on the scene, it can lead to a bit of confusion. The good news is that we are ready to help illuminate some common impulses and to steer you in the right direction. Pretty soon, keeping your smile in wonderful shape will feel like second nature.

Your Questions About: Hypodontia

questionlightbulbWhen you hear that your child is dealing with hypodontia, you may not know what to think. Or, if you have gone through this oral health issue, you may still have some questions about what’s going on, whether it’s common or very infrequent, and whether dental implants are an option. The short answer is: This is a problem that occurs when a permanent tooth fails to develop beneath a baby tooth. As a result, there’s an open space rather than an adult tooth. As for the details, rest assured, we can help and you’re not alone! Get started with some helpful answers.

Implant Dentures: The Benefits

benefitsblueAre you curious about whether there are really many benefits to choosing implant dentures over the traditional support method? While relying on traditional treatments will, of course, work for some, there is certainly a wealth of advantages that you can expect from choosing to support your prosthetic with implants. Let’s review some commonly appreciated details, so you can begin considering this tooth replacement solution for your smile.

3 Ways Dental Implants Make For A Happy Thanksgiving

3asphaltAre you thinking that you should probably get the ball rolling with receiving dental implants? If this is an idea you have been considering for some time, we strongly encourage you to let our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday provide you some much needed motivation to go ahead with your plans for the future. By next Thanksgiving, you can expect to be sitting down with friends, family, and a complete smile you will be very thankful for. Think over a few ways that thankfulness might play out!

Quiz: Caring For Your Implants

quizquestionworldWhen you’re trying to figure out what life will be like with dental implants, you might have some mixed feelings. First, you may feel overjoyed at the thought of being able to eat again without worrying, speak again without embarrassment, and to simply go about your day as you once did. However, you might feel equal concern regarding whether or not caring for your smile is going to become a new adventure (and possibly a challenging one). Good news: Maintenance is simple! Let’s get you up to speed on the details with a quiz.

Know Your Restorations: A Quiz

quizchalkAre you someone who has become very familiar with the types of restorations we offer for dental implants? If so, you’ve likely been doing quite a lot of research regarding your different options for replacing one or multiple missing teeth. The wonderful news is that when you find out you have many choices, you realize that choosing implants is a versatile decision, working for a wide array of preferences, budgets, tooth loss configurations, and more. Let’s see how well you really know your restorations at this point with a quiz.

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